The Power of Greek Nature on your Dispose

Natural Cosmetics


Armançon, being a company which has been closely monitoring international market’s trends, has listened to the modern need for ‘all natural’ products. Today, through its subsidiary, it has taken over the distribution of natural cosmetics brands (from small Greek companies) from  all over the country, meeting in that way the needs of an ever-growing consuming audience.

The brands that  Armançon currently distributes are : ‘Bioaroma’, ‘Cretan Essence’, ‘Onos’, ‘Amalthia’, ‘Armonia’.


100% natural herb cosmetics, with no chemical preservatives!

BioAroma is a company inspired from the history and heritage of Crete. It has its own distillery (for essential oils distillation process) as well as museum and herb garden which are open to visitors, in Agios Nikolaos (Crete).
By utilizing pure ingredients and raw materials, produced from a vertical integrated production system, as well as by combining traditional and new technology methods (for quality and safety reasons) the company offers a distinctive wide range of products.

BioAroma handmade cosmetics are not produced with any chemical add on or any preservatives. They are so natural…that you could eat them!


In a large, enriched in vegetation, area in Meligalas (Messinia), there is a donkey milk production site, owned by mrs Iliopoulos. Donkeys are free to move and graze on this private land of ‘Onos’.
The animals are susceptible to regular veterinary checks and the produced donkey milk is exposed to all necessary chemical and microbiological checks, before bottling.

The donkey milk is bottled in 250gr bottles, frozen at -18ο C, following all hygiene rules. It contains so many beneficial elements that has been characterized as ‘directly comparable with human breast milk’.


Products made with olive oil and pure natural ingredients, originated from Crete.

Carefully selected portfolio which satisfies the daily facial and body care needs of even the most demanding consumers. Flagship of the brand is the soap, a patented product which is produced with cretan olive oil and wild onion extract (herb that grows in the mountains of Crete).